Jaeger (hunter)

March 2021

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Several Erzgebirge workshops have produced a Jaeger nutcracker. This VERO version, based on the standard molded body and head, is a nice example.

This 14-inch Jaeger was missing its mustache, the "antler" decoration from its hat and the epaulette from its left arm. It also had some impact damage to the edge of the jaw mortice in front. I filled this with epoxy putty and touched it up with matched paint.

Since I also use epoxy putty to make replacements for missing VERO plastic mustaches and eyebrows, I tried using it to make the antler decoration but it proved to be too brittle for such a delicate part.

I settled on making some "cardboard" by laminating rag paper with wood glue and clamping it until dry. I cut out the antlers with a scroll saw and finished them with chisels and gouges. Once painted, the cardboard decoration passes well for the original plastic one and is unlikely to break off.

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