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March 2021

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Although I've seen a very few images of other Holz-Hahn nutcrackers, This is the only one like this I've seen.

This natural-finish nutcracker was made sometime after reunification. It only required regluing of some of its joints.

If you're familiar with the various Erzgebirge makers, you'll notice that this 14 1/4-inch nutcracker very closely resembles some of those made by Füchtner. This historic, family owned business can claim without challenge, to have invented the human-form nutcracker as we commonly think of it, around 1870.

I emailed Markus Füchtner to ask if this nutcracker had been made by their company for another label. He told me that although it did look very similar to some they make, they had not made it. Further, he was not familiar with the Holz-Hahn maker.

Although, I found mention of the Holz-Hahn company on line, I found no information about their nutcracker production. They seem to have been better known for rooster toys. This coincides with the rooster motif on the nutcracker's label. Holz-Hahn translates as "wooden cock".

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