June 2021

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Taiwan Knock-off

Excluding the lance and feathers, this HoDreWa Knight, made in the GDR, is 10-5/8" tall.

This model has since evolved into two similar versions, currently produced by Hodrewa Legler. The current ones, unfortunately, are not hand detailed. Imagine being the worker whos job it was to paint all of those tiny "chain mail" check marks on hundreds of nutcrackers.

This example had a loose right shoulder joint and was missing its shield. The replacement shield was made from poplar plywood, originally from a tangerine carton. It was based on pictures of originals on the Web.

Pictured on the right is a knight nutcracker spotted on eBay. You'll notice some not-so-subtle similarities to the HoDreWa Knight. It also has features that closely mimic VERO nutcrackers. It carries a label stating that it was Made in Taiwan. Notice that the shield colors are reversed.

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