Blue King

August 2021

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Call it powder blue, baby blue or just light blue, this vintage Hodrewa 12 3/4-inch King nutcracker is a confident fellow.

The scepter on this example had been taken apart, oddly reworked and reattached in the wrong position with an oversized nail. This had split one of the beads and shortened the dowel. Although Hodrewa Legler still makes a version of this model, it's too dissimilar to use as an example. I found only one image of the vintage version with an intact scepter. I used that and a new dowel to reconstruct the one pictured.

This nutcracker also had a technical problem. The jaw had been positioned too far forward. This caused it to close on the front of the upper teeth instead of meeting them evenly. This King had severe underbite. Fortunately, the steel pin was easily pulled, which is rarely the case. The hole in the jaw was filled with a dowel and a new hole was drilled to allow for correct alignment.

Other than that, there was only some missing paint to retouch.

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