Tobias Heidenreich
Mini Light Calvary (Cavalry) Nutcracker

November 2021

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This 5 3/16-inch Tobias Heidenreich nutcracker came with another damaged nutcracker. It had lost its head, that is to say its head had come off. Since this diminutive fellow was only intended as a decoration, the head was just butt-glued to the body without dowels.

This is one of several models of mini nutcrackers by this maker, who also manufactures Easter decorations.

Tobias Heidenreich's crafts are primarily marketed by the Drechslergenossenschaft Seiffen cooperative, otherwise known as Dregeno, a warehouse distributer of Erzgebirge crafts. Dregeno is also the nonexclusive distributer of some of the other makers represented on this site.

Although this vintage specimen was made in West Germany, Tobias Heidenreich's current operation is in Seiffen. That's why I've opted to add this example to the Erzgebirge section.

The currently available new model of this Mini Light Calvary nutcracker is only offered with a red-painted coat but is otherwise similar. The incorrect spelling of "cavalry" is the distributer's, not mine.

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