Small Jaeger (hunter)

March 2021

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Update, Sept. 2021: An example of this nutcracker finally turned up with a maker's stamp under the base, on eBay. I can, with certainty, identify it as a HoDreWa.

You can usually find a few examples of this small, 10-inch, nutcracker on eBay. Often, they are unmarked or only have an Expertic approval label. When they are marked, the ink-starved stamping on the bottom is usually not legible. When it can be read, it says: Made in the German Democratic Republic and is accompanied by a string of numbers which are usually even less legible.

Although some features are similar to other small nutcrackers by known makers, the body shape is different from those.

Originally these small Jaegers came with a shotgun but it's often missing. I made the facsimile shotgun for this Jaeger, according to pictures on the Web. The gun had an oddly curved stock and two silver barrels.

This Jaeger was also missing some paint in places which I matched and touched up.

Should the maker of these Jaegers, come to light, I'll update the page.

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