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May 2021

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This 14 1/4-inch Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Prince nutcracker really has no business on this site. Since I only paid a little more for it than the damaged nutcrackers I've restored and pictured on this site, I assumed there'd be something to fix. The problem with it is, it arrived in unblemished, like-new condition. There were no missing parts, not even a loose joint. Imagine my disappointment.

I'm including this specimen on the site, purely to provide some information about it.

This nutcracker was apparently commissioned, and claimed to be designed, by Midwest of Cannon Falls, Inc., an importer located in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, USA. This importer of toys, games and decorative items, many from Taiwan, was in business from 1972 until sometime in the 1990s.

This design was part of the Nutcracker Fantasy, limited edition series. Each design in the series had a run of 5000. This example is hand numbered 1918 in pen under the base.

This model has the conspicuous features of other Erzgebirgische Volkskunst nutcrackers, standard facial features, mouth, mustache, plastic eyes, the artificial fur and standard legs, feet, and other parts. It's clear that Midwest Importers didn't design the entire nutcracker, if any of it.

It's interesting to note that although the company logo is printed on the box and base of the nutcracker, the manufacturer's name, Erzgebirgische Volkskunst, has been replaced with the English words; "Ore Mountain Collection" on the logo. The actual translation of the company name is; Ore Mountain Folk Art.

It's a nice touch that a brief synopsis of The Nutcracker, based on the E. T. A. Hoffmann story, is printed inside the hang tag.

It's clear that this design is intended to be a representation of Clara's nutcracker prince.

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